Student rights charters

These letters will contribute to raising awareness on the importance of student participation and fostering a European vision of it. These letters, prepared from the systemic review of all regulations related to student participation, will offer in a didactic and simple way an overview of the rights related to the participation that any student can currently exercise.

To download the long version of the Charters, click here.

Student participation indexes

It will measure student participation (with a breakdown of the groups underrepresented and disadvantaged when this is possible, as in the case of sex or disability) in the three areas of governance and operation of HEIs: government and management; academic and quality; Social, cultural and sports. These will be based on a statistical model created, with a flexible matrix, to serve the objectives and particularities of the project.

Guide to new student participation methodologies

The guide of new methodologies for promoting student participation will bring together those Innovative practices of proven efficiency in terms of promoting participation student who can be transferable to any higher education system. This guide will include methodological, conceptual and relational resources of great utility for university managers and student organizations related to the three areas of governance and operation of IES defined by STUPS.

Two MOOCs on student participation and improving soft skills for effective and efficient participation

An innovative solution to convey a vast knowledge related to student participation, interactively, towards a potentially interested community of thousands of people, mainly students, spread over all Europe. In relation to its intrinsic characteristics, this MOOC will be aimed at a very large population and permanent in time; it will be open, free, free and autonomous, without restrictions; will develop fully online and with the possibility of interacting with the community that generates in its virtual environment; and will have a complete pedagogical structure.

Integral plans to encourage student participation

Each plan will address the three areas of student participation defined and will include measures specific to guarantee the effective inclusion of all underrepresented groups and disadvantaged They will adapt successful international methodologies to the local context, to ensure a successful implementation, which truly involves the community University.

International multipliers events

a) International meeting: student participation, good governance and challenges in higher education in Huelva, Spain.

b) International meeting: student participation, the present and future of the Bologna Process in Brussels, Belgium.

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